Funeral and Memorial Services

Completely Personalised & Not Limited by Logistics…. we can assist you wherever you live.

Mark & Toni from McKenzie Family Funerals will gladly assist you with all your questions and queries about our Funeral and Memorial Services.  Everything we discuss and all our offerings will be personalised to your needs and completed exactly in accordance with your wishes.

Mark & Toni know how traumatic this process can be for you.  We are here to assist you and guide you in every possible way.  We truly understand that nobody is ever prepared for this moment and we strive to make this experience as gentle and as smooth for you as possible.

We are great at problem solving – leave it to us!

You will always be our priority.

It really is about ‘Our Family Caring For Your Family’.

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Our Services

Peter Jackson Funeral Directors offers you a variety of funeral and cremation options to

enable you to pick the perfect service for your needs.

Give us a call or use our Contact Us or Book Online pages to arrange a time to meet with us in person.


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A Dignified Approach

For those who prefer a simpler but dignified apporach, our Funeral Directors can work with you to ensure a seamless service delivery at the Graveside.  Again, this service is tailored to reflect your personal requirements.

Church Or
Other Facility

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A Personal Choice

This service includes the extensive services of the Funeral Director and our appropriately trained staff to consult with you and members of the Clergy to deliver a beautiful, personalised service.

Cremations – Direct,
Local and Away

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Choices Right For You

If a Cremation is preferred, then we are able to proved you with several options.  You are still able to hold a local service with your loved one present if you so choose.  We are licensed with the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, and so we are able to hold cremation services at any of their metropolitan branches.  Again, we can work with your needs and provide the right solution.